Top model Anna Cleveland marries in Laura Biagiotti

Rome – London – July 2023 – Anna Cleveland, versatile artist and muse of the Biagiotti brand, has chosen a wedding dress exclusively created for her by Biagiotti for her wedding day with Jefferson Hack, curator, creative director, and co-founder of Dazed Media.

Modern and romantic, the dress features a hyper-feminine silhouette and is entirely made of handmade macramé. A bouquet of floral embroidery and small spikes of wheat blossom on the dress, illuminated by iridescent micro-sequins that emit an ethereal glow. The bodice framed by puffed sleeves reveals a deep back neckline.

Traditionally, the spike of wheat symbolizes new beginnings and prosperity – just as the earth sprouts and bears fruit, so do the spouses create, protect, and perpetuate life by weaving a tapestry between the past and the future.

Biagiotti also crafted the dresses that Anna will wear at the gala events preceding and following the wedding ceremony, as well as the outfits created for the occasion for her mother, Pat Cleveland, which will also wear Laura Biagiotti.

“Life is a continuity of love,” declares Anna Cleveland, daughter of Pat Cleveland, a model and icon of the Biagiotti catwalks and significant fashion moments of the maison in China and Russia.

“We have known each other for 25 years,” adds Lavinia Biagiotti. “Our wonderful mothers have passed down to us a great legacy: creativity, vision, and an approach to life and work driven by curiosity, joy, and courage. It is beautiful that a relationship can have such continuity in the world of fashion. It is a family story.”

Photo Courtesy of Darren Gerrish