“The beauty of Rome is reflected in those who observe her” Laura Biagiotti

Biagiotti Group comunicates the opening of the new Laura Biagiotti Flagship Store in Rome in Via Belsiana, n°57. The new Biagiotti space takes inspiration from the latin concept of “spatium”: a physical place but also a temporal and intellectual dimension to create one’s own itinerary of style through a cultivated, creative and custom-made experience. Fashion’s oxymoron takes its place under the spotlight: the “fast” coexists with the “slow”, thereby redefining the rhythm and methods of shopping with spaces and previously-unseen and personalised services. Art and culture represent the brand’s values and they sublimate into an experience of beauty, at times even cathartic.

Signs, symbols and meanings tell the story of the brand’s journey revisiting the great beauty of Rome: the monumental staircase reproduces the column’s grooves; the White: Laura cites the roman travertines; the red, another iconic Biagiotti colour, ignites the details and is inspired to Chinese lacquers; the lightness of cashmere, a yarn which has been given a new fashion dimension by Biagiotti and which has earned her the title “Queen of Cashmere” by the New York Times, for the first time is transformed into cloud-shaped curtains; the designs by the Maestro René Gruau, which depict Laura in the 70s as an icon of the fast-moving female world, with elegance and joie de vivre.

“Spatium” also intended as a path, which begins from the ground floor with a “made in Biagiotti” greeting and which opens up with all-embracing notes of Laura Biagiotti’s Rome perfumes. The great helical stair acts as an installation and trait-d’union among the floors and a red thread which unites and accompanies the visitors. Pure and essential elements like wood and steel are reflected indefinitely on the walls and on the mirrored arches. An interval in full view defines the mezzanine, which hosts the golf collection dedicated to the Marco Simone Golf Club; venue for the 2022 Ryder Cup. On the second floor, it is possible to be immersed in “Slow Fashion”: the Biagiotti Atelier is home to the knowledgeable tailors’ hands, which translate the language of beauty into aesthetic well-being. Past, present and future coexist: the wardrobe is not bought but rather created, and renovated. A dedicated service takes care of the items of clothing safeguarded by clients over the course of more than 50 years of passionate and loyal collectionism. There are also meetings and seminars on beauty and on the arts of fashion: embroidering and braiding are cathartic gestures, which suggest an authentic renewal to the compulsivity of our days. Lastly, “the cats of Rome” welcome the younger fans of the brand with a specialised lively installation.

Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, President of Biagiotti Group states that “fashion is being, before having, and investing, more than dressing. The new Laura Biagiotti flagship store in Via Belsiana is nearly a “geolocalisation of beauty”, experienced through multiple suggestions: fashion, art, sport, music, culture and encounters, whose common denominator is uniqueness. Our life evolves into explorations and changes: a cultivated and innovative approach to experiencing beauty transforms us; it is the start of a new, physical and mental journey”.

Two are the partnerships characterised by excellence: Swarovski crystals and Campari.

The Lounge for the personalisation of Laura Biagiotti clothing with Swarovski crystals offers a further consideration of researched attention. They are available in countless numbers of colors, effects, dimensions and shapes; Swarovski crystals are a fabulous palette of inspiration. From the passion for details and a highly precise cut, elements capable of giving light and joyful and refined reflections are born.

Campari has been, for over 150 years, the icon of Italian aperitif: it is the result of Gaspare Campari’s experimentation, and to this day is still produced with the same ingredients, thanks to a formula which is still kept secret and known to few. Unique for its bright red colour and for its intense taste, Campari is an irreplaceable protagonist of some of the most famous cocktails in the world. The respect for tradition and the brand’s strength have created, in time, something unrepeatable and to this day, unique in the world.