Laura Biagiotti Spring Summer 2024

The Laura Biagiotti collection for Summer 24 draws strength from its roots, represented by the Marco Simone Castle, home and headquarters of the family and the company, almost a Renaissance atelier projected into the Third Millenium. It encourages taking an internal journey to rediscover the “fantastic”, symbolised by the grotesques of the sixteenth-century frescoes of the Castle, to read a new meaning in clothing: fortitude, security and practicality to face life’s adventures with renewed confidence and balance. Garments with a regal appearance but extremely versatile, to be worn from morning to evening, designed for the woman who rediscovers her time: reclaiming one’s time means giving value to one’s identity and one’s needs, it is an act of freedom.

The core of the collection is contained in the prints inspired by the grotesques of the frescoes of the Marco Simone Castle. These are fantastic and anthropomorphic figures, extravagant animals mixed with vegetal motifs. The appearance is playful, arouses amazement, and is imprinted on floating silk garments, on the iconic doll-dress, in the shirt and trouser suits innervated with small pleats, in the godet skirts and in the jaunty shorts-miniskirt with large pleats, in the shirts with clean lines, strictly in the finest fabrics such as satin, crêpe de chine or crisp taffeta. The metamorphic scenes add up, overlap, and become a point of contact that links reality and imagination, external and internal world, for new creators of alchemy.

The palette starts from white and extends mainly in natural tones, available in tweed, écru or bright dot fabrics, for ankle-length unlined cardigans, midi skirts and in the dancing dress adorned with fringe; for midi skirt in macro-macramè, for silver and gold laminated suits. Long georgette dresses with a shaded effect for the evening acquire more colours.

The shirt is the Biagiotti cult: caught in an alchemical net, thin but resistant, the result of a skilful fusion between craftsmanship and technology, micro-pullovers and cardigans, mermaid dresses, tops and sheath dresses are on show. The cashmere braid, a sign of beauty that tends to infinity, always the protagonist of the Biagiotti collections, lights up with golden rhinestones to give life to comfortable jumpers, cardigans as protective as a blanket, and tight-fitting dresses.

The new bag was born at the Castle and is called “Regina”, closed by the LB monogram, it contains everything you need to put the extraordinary into everyday life. It alternates with the more informal crochet raffia shopping bag, with the écru and black logo. On the feet, there are slingbacks in brightly coloured leather or in linen-effect fabric.

“Welcome to the Marco Simone Castle, interpreted at the Piccolo Teatro with a vision of digital art and on the runway by Queen Pat Cleveland!

It is from here that the great Biagiotti adventures begin: one of them being the first Italian fashion show in China in 1988. This collection is a sort of “homecoming”, also testified by the major country project that will take place at the end of September around the Millennial Tower: the Ryder Cup golf tournament, with over 300,000 visitors coming to Marco Simone, the course built by my parents and me, completely renovated. Recognizing one’s own DNA is like nourishing oneself through one’s own roots: loyalty to one’s origins signifies a new narrative, always creative and open to challenges. This is the paradox of the Castle for the upcoming summer, fragments of the past and the future that make up the fabric of our lives.”

Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna


The Marco Simone Castle

“Once upon a time there was an old ruin that appeared to me, crumbling and fascinating, against the backdrop of the Roman countryside. I saw it every morning when I drove along Via Palombarese with my mother Delia, on our way to our laboratory in Monterotondo. We both fell in love with it, at first sight, and every day we passed by and fantasized about how wonderful it would be to bring it back to life. It was a magical place, an abandoned place that I felt was not indifferent to me, on the contrary, it was a home that was waiting for me.
I believe that the “genius loci” of this ancient castle ultimately involved me because I couldn’t stand the sight of its estate falling into ruin. Deciding to bring this ancient house back to life was like making a dream come true, but also a gesture of happy recklessness…madness. In fact, the work that went into the renovation was truly remarkable, lasting 6 years but over time this house has given us infinite emotions. Like that of discovering the remains of 16th century frescoes on the walls, hidden under layers of lime which, in collaboration with the Fine Arts, have been brought to light and restored.
These are “grotesques” from the first quarter of the sixteenth century inspired by Raphael’s rooms and probably created by students of masters of the time. The rooms are decorated according to the principles of Roman mannerist culture at the beginning of the 16th century and the chosen subjects are taken from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”; they therefore correspond to that iconic mythical interpretation of Beauty, Nature and the Ancient, considered in themselves, as absolute values. Reviving antiquity, for someone like me who exports fashion, means reclaiming the roots of a past of great elegance, showing the continuity between the art and entrepreneurship of the past that Italian fashion wants to bring to the world.
The adventure of the castle therefore for me is not only a life achievement, but also a precise choice: a wonderful place to work with a very strong image impact.”

Laura Biagiotti

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