Spring/Summer 2023

The Campidoglio (or Capitoline Hill), the heart of Roman culture, is the set of Laura Biagiotti’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion presentation; this is a unique world stage, with which the brand has a very close tie. In fact, it was the Biagiotti Group itself that restored the original beauty of the Scala Cordonata (the Capitoline stairway) designed by Michelangelo and of the Two Dioscuri (Twin Gods) watching over it and, jointly with Intesa Sanpaolo Group, will now also restore the Fountain of the Goddess Roma. The international vocation of the Biagiotti brand, the first Italian brand to have walked the catwalk in China in 1988 and in Russia in 1995, merges with the brand’s strong national bond.  

Biagiotti exhibits its Love for Rome. Its collection exalts the city’s iconic symbols: artistic opulence, cinematographic great beauty, lifestyle. The new wardrobe captures Rome’s contradictions: the lightness of stones which, as if by magic, dissolve in the fountain’s water.  And an unusual aspect is added to this, one influenced by the world of golf: a regenerating energy characterised by new behaviours. The fabric is worked with stitches and braiding sculpted like bas reliefs. Prints, shapes and adornments come together in the great melting pot of the Eternal City. The palette alludes to the vast range of Rome’s shades, filtered by the sun and time. Dissolving tones ranging from pink to ochre, right up to the yellow, fuchsia, orange and purple tones of sunsets against the Imperial Fora. The coarse white of the travertine meets the gold reflections of domes and the chiaroscuro shades of buildings turn into black and white contrasts.

MADE IN ROMA. Laura Biagiotti certifies her fashion for the next Spring/Summer collection by providing not only the traceability of a place, but that of a cultural identity, enhancing the origins of a “know-how” and those of a “way of life”. All prints lead to Rome! The Spring/Summer 2023 Biagiotti collection envisages a GRAND TOUR 4.0, translating the Journeys through Italy that young men and women used to make to complete their education, into a contemporary version. The city’s iconography is portrayed through architectural prints (based on the works of Carlo Labruzzi, the great eighteenth century Roman landscape painter) and marble arrangements, printed on chiffon, satin and taffeta. Milestones, scenes of rustic life, and ruins of ancient wonders make up puzzles printed on extremely light outfits, with the iconic “dolls” line with frills alternated with enveloping capes, voluminous skirts or plain outfits with soft coloured satin trousers permeated with the pink, yellow and ochre of Roman sunrises and sunsets. The artisanship of those wonderful Hollywood-on-the-Tiber years is conserved in the sartorial works.

ART-TRICOT. Biagiotti “sculpts” fabric in a new way, with four-strand silk braiding on pullovers and cardigans, filet knitting on cotton and linen for close-fitting clothes, cashmere lozenges and plaits on “bon ton” outfits. The collection plays along 3D lines and dimensions, almost within a metaverse: broad, embracing and gliding in long evening dresses and gowns, slim and close-fitting in short and very short dresses.

THE GREEN BEAUTY. Biagiotti embellishes the Fashion-Sport pairing with a new paradigm: the game of Fashion meets the game of Golf, and the “LB Golf” monogram motif becomes the Summer 2023 emblem.  It appears on Laura-white ribbed and plait knit cashmere pullovers and cardigans; it is embroidered in gold on blazers and Spring outfits and gives shape to the bodice of the long evening dress worn by top model Isabeli Fontana, which opens the fashion show.  The elegance of golf intrudes on the wardrobe, and a new green attitude transcends the seasons for successful, romantic and independent women who stand up to the competition of life with passion and are fearless about enhancing their femininity. The accessories also allude to golf: light spun cashmere berets in all the colours of the collection and moccasins with gold buckles and tassels move from green to everyday life.

Lavinia Biagiotti President and CEO of Biagiotti Group says: “Returning to Piazza del Campidoglio, with an innovative format, shows how fashion, just like Rome, revolves around something that goes beyond time and its generations; it shapes them and recreates them in original concepts. The event is a never-before-woven dialogue between fashion, art, culture and golf.   It is the birth of a new style, consisting of research, and supported by the brand’s inclination for the creation of beauty, not only in fashion but also through acts of patronage and the creation of value across local communities. It is also a preview of the exceptional event to be held, for the first time ever in Italy, in Rome, in 2023: the Ryder Cup – the most important golf tournament in the world, which will take place at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club – the golf course built by the Biagiotti group. I wish to thank the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, Council member Alessandro Onorato, and all city’s institutions and bodies immensely for the extraordinary opportunity given to us to present the Laura Biagiotti Spring/Summer 2023 collection on Piazza del Campidoglio. The show brings the physical and digital worlds together with an “in progress” narration, from Rome to the Milan Fashion Week, and is witness to the fact that fashion is not just a fleeting show, but also, and above all, a driving force of our economy.”

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