Placing the extraordinary into everyday life and trying to make it last in time is the philosophy of Biagiotti fashion. Choosing and wearing a dress with confidence and optimism gives every moment a unique and exceptional character. It is the opposite of improvisation, coincidence and exhibitionism.

Rediscovering the “cultural” depth of fashion – Lavinia Biagiotti underlines – enables women to experience the adventure of everyday life with greater self-esteem whilst at the same time claiming the value of “femininity”.

Therefore, the new decade represents a turning point: the return to a refined balance, and to the prelude of a new elegance. It blends together a passionate romanticism with the rigor of new forms. There is a constant search for comfort and wearability of clothes, which are tailor-made to suit people’s lifestyles. The Biagiotti collection is deliberately ultra-feminine and the knitwear is elaborate and three-dimensional.

Talking points:

LB Monogram. Designed by Laura Biagiotti in 1975, it is re-proposed in a maxi or mini version on jumpers, jackets, gilets and duster coats. It becomes bags, belts, earrings and boots. It is embossed in embroideries, presented as jacquard design on knitwear, printed onto silk, and engraved onto the acetate of glasses.

Jumpers: what a passion! It is the passage from sportswear to everyday life. It is the tracksuit that enables you to experience space and time in extreme comfort. Curly high-waist trousers and drawstrings are suitable until the evening.

Just like a “Bambola”. The most iconic dress of the Biagiotti tradition is the maximum expression of feminine freedom. Broad volumes and spatial lines free the silhouette, and evolve thanks to prints and colors.

The paisley and the flying carpet. The contemporaneity of its roots goes beyond the simple “vintage” re-proposal. The original paisley becomes graphic on trousers, handkerchief jackets, and small items enriched with mini-fringes, just like an extremely soft, ultralight, cashmere flying carpet.

Daylight lingerie. In a “polite” collection, the most seductive proposal breaks through. Impalpable silk and lace petticoats, contoured onto the body, very low-cut and with extremely soft colors/non- colors, which recall the splendor of the skin. An audacious, disorienting and irresistible topsy-turvy.

Bianco Biagiotti. Light wins over night, and black, for the time being, has been put aside. The splendor of crystal embroideries on the iridescent white recalls the flashes and the charm of the Northern Lights. The evening is bright, the preciousness is present in all the fabrics and the gliding cuts make them easy to wear. Dream and reality.

Pat Cleveland, fashion icon and super model for many Biagiotti seasons, performs the sustainable lightness of the most conscious femininity.