Time to raise the curtains: fashion plays its daily show. At Piccolo Teatro, stage and catwalk blend into theatre and life, characters and people. Fashion activates the collective and individual spark of change, just as the theatre has a cathartic and restoring effect. Aware, passionate and firm in her origins: the Biagiotti woman interprets multiple roles through a cultivated wardrobe made of iconic pieces. Fashion as theatre “possesses” time: from flash-backs to fast-forwards fashion brings back the 90’s, where the gender equity battle becoming a positive and collective action. The generation of the first women achieving success in their professional and personal life, in social and private rights, discovering how their braveness led to self-confidence which fashion in most cases interprets.

Today, there is undoubtedly a new view of liberty, dignity, awareness and a feminine leading role; fashion must communicate new emotions and transformations.

Biagiotti white is between plaits hand-painted in chiaro scuro, trompe l’oeil with innovative 3D optical illusion patterns decorate baize coats, fluctuating gowns and chiffon blouses. The cashmere spider web is the new CULT, imperceptible and weightless with overlapping and interchangeable pieces. Warmth is also donated by the natural tones of the capes with a hood, sheath dresses and pleated pants.

Experimentations: brit fabrics as tartan, pied de poule and prince of Wales checks, re-edited with embellished stones and studs, micro and macro drawings, extremely soft textile and feminine overcoats define the wardrobe of the working woman. Romantic power in the English gardens of roses and hortensias blend on silk and velvet. Spicy and natural tones: rust and mustard colors, dark green and camel.

Beams of light, rhinestones, determined geometric shapes, scenographic capes and casual short dresses. Moderate optical. Dark cashmere gowns lighted up by sparkling blazes.


In the last 20 years, by choosing Piccolo Teatro di Milano to host their fashion shows, Biagiotti has supported a symbol of the Italian culture with an innovative and experimental interpretation.

Biagiotti offers a tribute to Piccolo Teatro with the last outfits inspired to the iconic black turtleneck of master Giorgio Strehler. Key words recall affinity and emotional powerfulness: Biagiotti, Piccolo, Teatro, Milano.

“Our Group has always been passionately committed to support the Italian cultural heritage.

I am truly grateful to Piccolo Teatro, to the Director Sergio Escobar and to the greater involvement of the staff for the privilege we had to materialize dreams, projects and illusions in the past 20 years. Piccolo is much more than a theatre, it is part of our history and of my life. I remember my mother’s Laura devotion, while silently entering the rehearsal space of the theatre, finding in the convulsive speed of Milan Fashion week a unique scenario of art, passion and conspiracy.” Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna

Above any ephemeral event, above all trends, the connection existing amongst Piccolo and Laura, now Lavinia, Biagiotti, between the theatre and fashion, begins from an elective affinity, from ideal emotions, which initiate an unlimited research of “illusions” arising from the heart and becoming creative actions in the hands of the artisans of “beauty”: true gestures of love of our own professional vocation” Sergio Escobar