SEPTEMBER 13th, 2020

Biagiotti chooses its “home” Rome, as the stage of the new collection Spring Summer 2021.

The Campidoglio, heart of Rome, full beauty and significance will be a unique stage for Laura Biagiotti’s Fashion Show Spring Summer 2021. Biagiotti Group has in fact restored the Cordonata Staircase of the Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo and the Two Dioscuri safeguarding it. Biagiotti always had an international vocation and has been the first Italian brand to present a fashion show in China in 1988 and in Russia in 1995. The international vocation is coupled with the strong bond with the Roman territory where Laura and Lavinia Biagiotti always lived, worked, imagined and produced collections carrying out important collaborations of patronage.

A catwalk in Piazza Del Campidoglio, with an innovative format on Michelangelo’s design, demonstrates how fashion and Rome live together going beyond generations and centuries, shaping and recreating an everlasting Renaissance.

Lavinia Biagiotti President and CEO of Biagiotti Group declares: “We considered to return and preserve unrepeatable masterpieces also to overcome the sense of impermanence of fashion: stones go beyond. We continuously fight against time and after all, fashion is a white page on which we can draw our future. The history of our company and of our family are deeply intertwined with Rome, in an alternation between ethics and aesthetics, the same one found in the major Renaissance families. Our love is narrated by Laura Biagiotti’s Roma perfume, which over time has become an iconic fragrance loved by millions of women and men worldwide. The success of Rome has allowed us to be the first ones in the fashion industry to do a major restoration in the Eternal City”. She continues: “I am infinitely grateful to the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi and the institutions which in this complex scenario, have enthusiastically welcomed the project to host Laura Biagiotti’s fashion show in Piazza del Campidoglio. An international stage for an event deeply linked to Rome and its values, supported by a great sense of responsibility, taking care of people and the territory. At the beginning of the Pandemic, last February, we were the first ones to do the Fashion Show behind closed doors to protect colleagues, professionals and guests. Now we are looking forward to our “rebirth” in one of the most beautiful location in the world, following safety rules provided by protocols, combining physical and digital resources, performing an ongoing narrative from Rome to Milan Fashion Week. Fashion is not just a show or an appointment but most of all a driving force of our economy. We are performing a tribute to the Eternal City and to the creative force of fashion, a moment of “renaissance” made of beauty, pride in one’s origins and enthusiasm for the future”.

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