Fall Winter 2022/23
Milan – February 27th 2022 – on air 1.30PM

The Energy of Beauty for the future
Laura Biagiotti’s Autumn-Winter collection stages the Energy of Beauty in motion in the fascinating and evocative Centrale Montemartini, which today is one of the most innovative museums in Rome. Converted into an exhibition space in 1997, it’s an extraordinary example of how two opposite worlds, such as industrial and classical archaeology, can co-exist and create a unique dialogue. In a game of contrasts, masterpieces of ancient sculptures and precious mosaics are exhibited next to the old machinery of the production plant. The spacious rooms, specifically the Engine Room with its precious Liberty-style furnishings, have unaltered turbines, diesel engines, further to the Boiler Room with the massive Steam Boiler. The ancient marbles shine for their clarity, and the mosaics warm up the environment with their colored textures of tiny tesserae. During the shooting, the statues become alive and confront themselves with the contemporaneity of the collection; the Venus becomes a print on the dress and reveals the secret name of Rome: Amor. Classic and industrial archaeology are two exceptional dimensions that represent the myth of opposites. Being and becoming, the ancient and the contemporary, suggest a new synthesis, a new harmony.

Woman and Goddess
The feminine energy represents the primitive power of the Earth. The woman who authentically reconnects to the archaic female, full of pure feminine energy, is the inspiring muse of the collection. Sheath dresses in exceptional cashmere with rouches surrounding the décolleté are styled with long coats or fur-effect parkas in white to peach to antique pink, using all the colors of the Roman marble. Electric waves and sculptured braids are in magnetic fusion with the golden glaze on the ankle-length cashmere dresses and skirts. Suits in black eco-leather, are the result of a modern and skilful recycling process and coats are made of the same “sustainable energy”. The satin dresses join the collection with a colorful wave inspired by mosaics, just like the pattern of the small iconic LB bag: the irreplaceable art-à-porter.
The classic striped and checkered tailleurs and pied-de-poule coats fit into the same wardrobe of a modern Venus dressing the two feminine souls. Young women appear as human statues and live the stage of modern life wearing black or white satin slingback shoes that also light up in the golden version with 3d glitter. Peplum dresses are in chiffon with golden flashes and drapery bustier. Long goddess-like lace or white satin dresses show veiled legs decorated by geometric patterned stockings that emphasizes the contrasts.
Essentials and magnificence are concepts that dress the new energetic “bambola” in Amor-red taffetas, in Biagiotti-white and in liquid gold. Jewels in the collection are golden and are a tribute to a contemporary Goddess: pendant earrings and “trilogies” of rings reproduce the Roman columns, micro mosaics with the iconic LB monogram that embellish the rings. Biagiotti perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics, a concept that evokes the monumental grandeur of Rome and preserves the memory of one of the first industrial environments merging craftsmanship and experimentation.

“Rome is an infinite inspiration; its echo resonates with the contemporary visions of the future. Presenting the collection at Centrale Montemartini and interacting with such a unique exhibition space represents an exceptional opportunity to reflect on the power of beauty that is expressed through fashion. This choice confirms our strong bond with the city, where we are committed on many fronts. We are animated by the sense of responsibility towards new generations to construct a long-lasting legacy with extraordinary events that create value in the city, acts of patronage, and scholarships. The combination of art and fashion is a successful idea and is the main character of cultural projects with an original contribution. A distinctive feature of Biagiotti Group and a central aspect of this collection is a strong focus on the female world that tenaciously promotes the resourcefulness of women in all fields. The energy generated by women must be considered part of a strategy that contributes to developing an increasingly equal, inclusive and open society.”
Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna, President and CEO of Biagiotti Group

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