Laura Biagiotti at MAXXI Museum
Spring Summer 2022

Here is fashion, and suddenly, it’s already ahead in the future. It anticipates changes, moods, innovations. It’s an expression of human behavior that evolves at the rhythm of contemporaneity, communicating an attitude or a message, producing beauty and creativity. The outfit dresses the movement of life. In the BIAGIOTTI collection for next Spring / Summer, there are touches of Futurism, which is in the Maison’s culture DNA, but mostly, there is the FUTURE.

Prints are an explosion of energy. The futurist ones reproduce the “Sketch for a scarf with lines” of 1930 by Giacomo Balla (Turin 1871 – Rome 1958), one of the Master’s works belonging to the Biagiotti-Cigna Foundation.
White Biagiotti, a real comfort zone to support the challenges of everyday life with light and gentleness, divides the scene with futuristic and bright colors: fuchsia and purple tones, vibrant yellows, and greens that fade into a blue which fills the fabric until saturating it.
The flower compositions reproduce precious designs from the Biagiotti archives and narrate the pleasure of dressing with colorful “petals” even in formal contexts: blazers, coats, and tailored trousers make the “work uniform” joyful and hyper-feminine.

Biagiotti knitwear combines art and craftsmanship, innovative and skilful hand-made workmanship. The white cashmere and silk blazer is a must of the season, it dresses the new era of women by wrapping the body with a hug. The maxi pull reproduces a composition of braids. Asymmetrical cuts like flashes of speed combine knit and fabric in the ultra-feminine dresses that frames the silhouette.

The iconic LB Bag becomes “art-à-porter” and reproduces the pieces of art of Balla and the prints of the archives. The glasses are futuristic and sustainable: in “bio” acetate originating from cellulose and printed with lively asymmetrical motifs. Silk foulards with art designs mark the grand return of the most feminine accessory and are worn knotted on the hair.

“I imagined a” trilogy”: Piazza del Campidoglio with its Renaissance spirit, the Ara Pacis that evokes the Augustan Roman-style suggesting a new golden age, and now the Maxxi Museum, which welcomes the art of the 21st century, looking upon the future. Maxxi Museum and Biagiotti Group share values ​​and visions that convey in the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and a successful collaboration for the exhibition “Casa Balla. To the universe and back home”. In this third appointment in Rome, we investigate the connection between women and the new era, fashion and art, outfits and space. In a unique architectural project created by Zaha Hadid, fashion is staged as an expressive and creative gesture, in progress, in movement, towards a personal and contemporary beauty. I inherited from my mother Laura the passion for futurist art and for Giacomo Balla, for its energizing colors, shapes, and for its brilliant intuitions. The futurist mindset suggests to look forward, an attitude which is necessary in a global pandemic such as the one that marked human history at the beginning of the 20s of the Third Millennium.
Fashion must also cultivate young people, imagining that the relationship between generations can be a careful and generous osmosis and new talents that can bring new ideas, innovation, and imagination. Fashion can and must contribute to that ethical reorientation of society that shapes beauty and hope. Hence the responsibility towards the present, as well as the future, and the need to interpret a sustainable message made of people, a bond with the territory, with art, culture, and beauty”
Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna

The international etoile Eleonora Abbagnato will exceptionally be part of the fashion show for Laura Biagiotti and wears a full skirt that reproduces a maxi flower. Her daughter Julia Balzaretti also makes her debut on the catwalk with other young ambassadors of the brand, including Vittoria Rosolino, daughter of the swimming champion, and Natalia Titova. The near future is narrated by the new Laura Biagiotti LOVE collection, which talks about fashion as a joyful passion, made of respect, responsibility, and education of beauty.

The combination of art and fashion has become the new form of artistic culture of the previous and of the beginning of this millennium. The first great experiment between art and fashion takes place with Futurist art. Through the manifesto of 1915, Giacomo Balla conceived and signed with Fortunato Depero the project of the “futurist reconstruction of the universe.” Fashion, therefore, became an integral part of this ambitious project, anticipating in many aspects the pop attitude of American art and the philosophical demands of conceptual art expressed many decades later. Balla, a fashion creator, initially dressed himself, his students, and his family to infuse a feeling of energy, novelty, and projection towards the future through his new futurist skin. Through the shapes and the combination of colors, the dynamic dress can become an energizing catalyst of well-being.

We thank Mastercard for the partnership and the Priceless Experiences created together that will allow us to experience unique moments of the fashion show and of the backstage.

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