FASHION proposes a game: if seasons had mood, what would Summer’s be? Joyous!
It is the definition that the brilliant Giacomo Balla gave to the brightest, most dynamic, most colorful and most energetic period of the year.

There are some traces of Futurism (which is part of the Maison’s cultural DNA) in BIAGIOTTI’s Spring/Summer 19 collection; but there is also a sense of FUTURE.
Thinking and perceiving of the future generates dynamism and creative strength, rhythm, movement and trust; something that looks a lot like optimism.
Culture, Sentiments and the Concreteness of everyday living are all engraved in the pathway of the company, which has always been led by a Woman.

Translating all of this into a dress means thinking about the act of dressing as an expressive and creative gesture as we become, we move, and we quickly pace towards an evermore personal and contemporary beauty.

The Biagiotti woman will not be a testimonial – even if beautiful – of art-à-porter but rather a conscientious vortex of color and lightness, simplicity and freedom.

It starts off with the essential shades of natural colors, and the iconic Bianco Biagiotti and it flows into the almost-transparent thinness of linen, which has been created with particular knitting stitches such as the “seashell”.

Architectural details create harmonious movements in the short and aerial dresses of printed chiffon with versatile swimsuits that convert into sensual evening Bodysuits. Furthermore, it is possible to play around with masculine gilets and wide trousers with a dynamic and feminine futuristic prints that recall skirts.

COLORS: natural, ecological, but even strong, energetic and luminous, futuristic prints and sparks of logomania.

FABRICS: all sorts of linen, silk, twill, gauze and ultrathin knitwear, sport fibres. Discrete embroideries that sometimes create the appearance of an entirely hand-made precious and unique item.

ACCESSORIES: The unmissable “Balla” bucket bag and cloth headbands covered with matching prints. Futuristic butterfly glasses and flat shoes with ribbon ties for the feet.

“I received from my mother Laura the passion for futurism and for Giacomo Balla, for colors and for energizing shapes and for brilliant avant-garde intuitions. The futuristic reconstruction of the universe passes through creativity, and not only through technology, and it suggests a new futuristic, creative, dynamic and trustworthy attitude. We draw the future, every day, with the generative strength of women and with aerial dresses animated by Balla’s “Futurlibecciata”, etched in the backdrop and on the catwalk of the Piccolo Teatro”. Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna

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