What is fashion? “It is a craft that runs after time, where today becomes tomorrow and, often, even the day after tomorrow”.
Lavinia Biagiotti looks to the future and places solid foundations onto the research of those “drops of beauty”, which thanks to a dress, can brighten every woman’s day.
The result is a “forever wardrobe”, which is timeless, ageless and limitless and where dressing everyday becomes an act of extreme self-respect: opportunities and fun; a sort of light and unconscious (but not reckless!) body art.

The wardrobe is in line with a long-lasting project based on lightness, freshness, an educated politeness and a respect for one’s own history and culture.
The traditional whites are made to fade with the soft and iridescent colours of dawn, the logo becomes a graphic figure and flattens to the point of becoming a thin line that recalls the collection’s leitmotiv. The pyjama outfits, the tracksuits, the well-fitting high-waist trousers, the structured-yet-light and oversized linen jackets all feature alternating coloured stripes.
The denim expresses a message of natural savoir-faire with hyper-feminine forms and extremely soft fabrics, with a palette which goes from Biagiotti White to blue jeans all the way to vibrant pastel shades.
Chiffon materials are used for the well-known, iconic “Bambola” dress, with flowers here and there and with an absence of hyper-decorated effects. The dialogue between the white string of the duster coats and the polo dress recalls the passion for sport, which is another vital cornerstone for the brand.
Bows are applied to hair all the way to macro motifs, which become corsets or even sandals, so as to recall a very feminine gesture of attention to self-care, with a touch of seduction.
A bow, which looks like the infinity sign: forever.

A tribute to the city and to its happy moment of “Milanese Renaissance”, which, for Biagiotti, echoes a sense of corresponded love. Loyalty and support are demonstrated to one of the most beloved Milanese institutions, the Piccolo Theatre, and to its female audience made up of cultured, ironic and original women.

The history of the Biagiotti dynasty will be represented on the next Spring/Summer catwalk by the transition between Pat Cleveland and her daughter Anna.
Self-confident, eclectic but also rather mysterious, she is the model of the moment: international yet in love with Italy (the country where she was raised).
At the age of 6, she had her first fashion show with Laura Biagiotti on the Spanish Steps, where together with her mother Pat, she interpreted a performance inspired to The Kid by Chaplin.
She is the perfect testimonial and, on the set of the latest Laura Biagiotti campaign, she stated that: “Life is a continuity of love”.

Biagiotti launches Forever, a perfume and a project dedicated to women. It is about putting the extraordinary into everyday life and making it last in time. This is the philosophy of the Biagiotti world. Forever, seizes the moment and makes it last to infinity.